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About Us

Play the City leads the way in applying games to complex, multiplayer city challenges. We are a global practice that supports public and private parties on spatial development processes through city gaming. As a multidisciplinary team of technologists, designers and social scientists with an international outlook, we embrace an approach at the intersection of practice and research. This allows us to undertake a large range of projects from theoretical research to pragmatic applications.

If you are interested in our team please read more about Ekim, Txell, Hyunwoo, Ulas, Muge, Irem, Gunes, Adrian, Izel and Ege Can.

Play the City Method

Cities witness a high pace of social change and technical advancement, and we are still searching for a truly collaborative planning process. Serious gaming provides a systemic approach to city making that helps the collaborative, integral and iterative approach, cities are looking for.

City gaming’ is the method that refers to the specific implementation of serious games to city development questions.

The method stems from the PhD research of Ekim Tan, the founder of Play the City, conducted at the Delft University of Technology.


Our latest book, Play the City: Games Informing the Urban Development, provides a deeper understanding of our values, experiences and intellectual attitude.

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