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Ulas Akin

Play the City -Istanbul

Ulas is an experienced planner, acting in a large range of scales from urban design to regional planning.

He is an active member of Istanbul Metropolitan Planning and Urban Design Center [IMP], the alternative planning organization of the city. Supported by his international experience and networks, within IMP, he plays a significant role for the EU relations and international affairs, such as organizing international workshops with 22@Barcelona, London School of Economics, Municipalities and Harbor Companies of Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Besides his senior planner role, Ulas conducts a research on capacity building in urban management and writes his doctoral thesis in the Istanbul Technical University. He uses the actor-network theory to analyze Istanbul’s urban and regional planning experience in the last decade, and plans to apply serious gaming onto the field of capacity building via the ongoing TReC project PLAY THE CITY. Born in Istanbul, Ulas is trained as an urban and regional planner at the Istanbul Technical University. He holds an international diploma from Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies [IHS] at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in urban governance and public management. Currently, he collected his last diploma in the field of international leadership from the Common Purpose designed for public, private, and civic society leaders and managers of Istanbul.

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