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Wijkvisiespel Overvecht


Provides content input for the Wijkvisie 2030 from Mitros through engaging local experts.


Utrecht, the Netherlands

2 Sessions with over 40 experts from Mitros as well as Portaal, local residents, policy makers and private developers

Every week, the city of Utrecht welcomes 80 new residents. This makes Utrecht the fastest growing city in the Netherlands and in the top 10 of fastest growing cities in Europe. The Overvecht neighborhood that was built just after the Second World War consists of 72% social rental housing. About 60% of the residents have a migration background. For many new Utrecht residents, their home is located in this district.

In its contribution to a balanced, healthy, pleasant and livable living environment in Overvecht, Mitros is looking for a good mix of residents who can afford housing and support groups with low incomes. The main target group of Mitros are households with an income up to approximately € 36,000, including special target groups such as residents with a care contract, residents who previously flow from mental health care institutions, status holders, urgent persons (due to medical indication, for example), seniors. Mitros strives to reduce and spread its home ownership in Overvecht. All housing associations in Utrecht signed a shared agreement up to 50% social rental housing in Overvecht. The rest of the housing stock will then consist of free sector rental homes and owner-occupied homes. With regard to the free sector homes, the municipality is actively investing in ‘middelhuur’ properties - rent between € 720 and € 1000 p.m.

How does Mitros ensure a good mix of wealthy and less-able residents? How does Mitros reduce its social rental housing to 50%? Which locations are suitable for exchange with a market party?

Through two sessions of Wijkvisie Spel, which is specifically designed for Overvecht, Mitros organized a structured platform in which over 30 local engaged parties discussed themes such as changing profile of housing stock, in relation to existing and future residents of Overvecht. The first play session is played internally with Mitros employees, the second with local parties and serves as an content input for the Wijkvisie 2030.

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