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The Ecocity Game

City of Malaga

An online game for cities transitioning to their ecological futures

City of Malaga is 'specialized Expo 2027' candidate and proudly presents 

'The Global Ecocity Game'.

The Global Ecocity Game challenges its participants to make choices for cities that are preparing their ecological futures.

Should we grow green or rather implement a degrowth agenda?

Should we produce everything locally or seek a balance between local-grown and sustainably imported produce?

How will we secure clean water, while fighting drought and flood?

These questions appear as technical challenges cities face today, meanwhile geographical, political, social and cultural realities greatly influence the climate measures cities take.

Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference, made the world realize how positions of cities differ in climate transition. The conference agreed on a global fund for poorer nations suffering the most from climate impacts, while having contributed the least to the problem. The Global Ecocity Game concerns all cities globally, in the south and in the north, as it recognizes differences cities globally have in responding to climate change.

The Global Ecocity Game makes a conscious choice to choose an average midsize city with up to 500.000 population instead of a megacity of 10, 15 or 20 million residents. These secondary cities form the critical mass, the shift of which to an ecological future will cause a real change.

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