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Sustainable Tourism Game

University of Breda

Assisting policymakers in transitioning to a sustainable form of tourism.


Barcelona, Amsterdam, Valencia

Partners: NHTV- Breda University of Applied Sciences

3 Sessions with 40 Participants

Sustainable Tourism Game is a multiplayer role playing game that assist policymakers in facilitating a more sustainable form of urban tourism. Policymakers, industry stakeholders, NGOs, resident pressure groups will give in deep reflections on appropriate intervention strategies.

Creating a sustainable tourism policy is fundamentally seeking the right balance between living, working and visiting among the city’s diverse offerings. What should we do with an increasing variety of modes of transportation in the centre such as touring cars, Segways, and beer bicycles? Or roads for cars, cyclists or pedestrians? How can we steer the growth of hotel rooms and Airbnb while preserving city’s residential neighborhoods? How can we maintain a diversity of shops in areas frequented by visitors?

Improving informed decision-making and involving diverse stakeholders in a highly complex question as sustainable tourism calls for a multiplayer city game. By end of 2017, city gaming experts from Play the City joined tourism and gaming experts from Breda University of Applied Sciences -NHTV. Within the framework of the EU funded research project Smart City Hospitality -SCITHOS, teams are collaborating to build a hybrid [analog-digital] table top role-playing game. Game datasets include policies from around the world, public infrastructure investments, resident and visitor groups that are impacted, and the six core SCITHOS values that contribute to a resilient city. The game allows a diverse range of tourism stakeholders to combine and test measures and actions to create long-term, integrated tourism strategies by understanding their potential impact on the city and its inhabitants. The game will be introduced to all six STICHOS partner cities: Amsterdam, Belgrade, Darmstadt, Gothenburg, Stavanger and Valencia.

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