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Reboot- Breed the City

Het Nieuwe Instituut

Simulating the climate adaptation futures of Rotterdam's Bospolder Tussendijken

~500 participants

October 2023 - May 2024

Play the City is the participant of the Reboot exhibition at the Nieuwe Instituut. In the exhibition, you find the opportunity to play our Climate Game. For the show we converted the multiplayer game into a single player, turn-based game. It is based on an earlier game created for the Rotterdam neighborhood of Bospolder Tussendijken. Visitors can identify their own roles and define their climate adaptive actions via Breed the City.

Out of 450 game inputs [280 English, 170 Dutch version] so far, 32% of players choose to enter the game as a Social Activist, 25 percent choose to become a private project developer, 23 percent as an urban farmer and only 20% as an ecologist. Top three action choices of the social activists differ amongst the Dutch [Belasting op leegstand, Gezond streetfood, Minibos op het dak] and the international audience [Community kitchens, Cooperative housing and weather & season-proof spaces]

With thanks to Climate Game -Rotterdam partners IABR and Ooze.

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