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Play Tirana

Polis University

Generating future scenarios for Tirana's new Intermodal Train Station


Tirana, Albania

Partners: Co-PLAN

1 Sessions with 30 Participants

Urban challenge

The design of the new Intermodal Train Station in Tirana is currently the subject of an international competition, with well-known entrants and an international jury.


Play the City were briefed by Polis University about Tirana’s plans for a new train station in October 2011. To develop Play Tirana, a City Game tailored to test proposals for the station, we worked with our local partner, Co-PLAN, for a year. In October 2012, we met local stakeholders who would become the game's kay players: Ulrike Bega from the Tirana Municipality; land developer Avenir Kika; Co-PLAN expert Anila Gjika; Avenir Kika, President of the Albanian Association of Builders; Ledian Bregasi from the Albanian Union of Architects; Julajan Veleshnja and Sotir Dhamo from Polis University; Ivan Kucina from Belgrade University; and Aleksander Kader from Anhald University.

For a glimpse of the game see the report put together by video artist Su Tomesen

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