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Play Shibaura Water

Shibaura House, Urban Berry

Engaging local community for an urban design research project on the waterfront of Shibaura-Konan area, Tokyo

2 game meetings with 4 local land developers, 6 representatives of local government, 14 spatial designers, 3 local media organizations, 20 local residents

May - August, 2023

Play Shibaura Water has been installed as part of an ongoing research project run by Shibaura House and the Minato City Government. This project aimed to study Amsterdam's innovative utilization of waterfront areas and apply these insights to the Shibaura Konan district. Additionally, it seeks to explore the preferences of participants for waterfront development and gather input on desired enhancements along the Shibaura Konan waterfront. Participants engage with and respond to three key challenges: the enhancement of water quality, the development of activities along and on water, and the exploration of water as a viable transport mode. Game outcomes are meant to support the process by visualizing concrete steps to implement for improving the integration of water in public spaces of Shibaura.

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