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Play Marmara Sea

Marmara Municipalities Union

Multi-stakeholder table game facilitating dialog on strategic development

October 2019 and October 2021

Marmara Region, Turkey

Partners: MARUF [Marmara Urban Forum]; MarMod [Marmara Sea Marine Data]

Digital polls, 2 analog sessions; approx. 350 online and 80 physical participants

The Marmara Region, in the northwest of Turkey, is an agglomeration of urban settlements, metropolitan and rural areas, as well as natural ecosystems. The Sea of Marmara has some of Turkey’s densest (partly industrial) cities on its shores and is severely affected by pollution.

'Play Marmara Sea' is a multi-actor serious game that focuses on the sustainable management of the wastewater that flows into the Sea of Marmara through various sources. It focuses on the changes in seawater quality parameters and developments in the marine ecosystem. It aims at motivating participants to develop solutions for these multi-dimensional issues together. 

Through playing actions, participants experience the changes in seawater quality and species diversity against the background of each stakeholder’s knowledge, capabilities and responsibilities. As they manage limited resources and face dilemmas regarding economic development plans and their environmental consequences, they form partnerships to agree on priority investments for the region.

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