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Play Marmara ‘Food’

Marmara Municipalities Union

Imagining regional sustainable food chains in the region of Marmara with local politicians, policy makers and experts

4 game meeting with politicians, policy makers, food experts, academicians and post graduates

October 2023 - active

Marmara Region

Play Marmara is a serious game created through a partnership of the Marmara Municipalities Union and Play the City since 2018. The first edition of the game was launched at the Marmara Urban Forum - MARUF 2019, focusing on future investments and strategic projects in the region.

In the second edition, Play Marmara 'Sea', held in 2021, experts from central and local governments reviewed and defined priorities for the Marmara Sea Conservation Action Plan with common sense.

The third version of the game, Play Marmara 'Food,' focuses on food supply chains in the region. Game enables participants to collaboratively design a sustainable food system for the region.

Sunflower, olive, wheat, potato, grape, peach… How much can the Marmara Region with a population of 25 million feed itself? What innovative and sustainable changes are possible in the supply chains of the most produced and consumed foods in Marmara? Is it possible to reduce air, water and soil pollution while increasing productivity? How can we imagine energy-intensive production and transportation in a cleaner and more circular way?

Influential stakeholders of the food chains will be joining the Marmara Urban Forum -MARUF23 with the Play Marmara 'Food' game. Local politicians, experts, companies and non-governmental organizations… They will work collectively on sustainable food chains and seek alternative solutions using Play the City's interactive gaming method.

Each sub-region defined both spatial and strategic steps for its sustainable food supply chain, such as food networks, food policy councils, urban farms, etc.

Players not only developed strategies for their own sub-regions but also collaborated on alternative models for our complex food system and identified meaningful partnerships.

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