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Klimaatspel: Amsterdam

City of Amsterdam

Informing local energy and climate plans through citizen sessions.

May 2019~active 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Partners: Bright, 02025, Space&Matter

7 Sessions with over 140 policy makers and 40 residents

Climate game is a multi-stakeholder table game informing local energy and climate plans through citizen sessions. Parties come together to climate-proof their neighbourhoods in a playful way. Interaction between local residents and local entrepreneurs helps to develop collaborative strategies. A joint vision is developed by organizing game sessions with parties such as: local residents, VVEs, housing corporations, renters association, policy officers, local entrepreneurs, and public organizations. Players are assisted during the game by trusted experts and specialists to test their choices and considerations.

Players learn about new technologies related to climate adaptation such as energy transition, sustainable mobility, urban water and public space. The Climate Game makes it tangible for players to consider how much their neighborhoods can become climate neutral by taking collective actions. In addition to learning, the Climate Game also provides information about which key players will take the initiatives to implement these technologies. Ultimately, property owners themselves will make the choice for an alternative to gas.

Climate game is a multi-stakeholder table game. The game visualizes datasets relevant for climate adaptation in a given neighbourhood. Game elements such as 3d props and playing cards inform players about possible climate-local actions, their CO2 reduction impacts, obligatory combined actions, partners crucial in realizing selected climate actions, and investment costs.

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