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Kunstlinie Almere

Fostering collaborative solutions for the housing shortage among Almere residents, homeseekers and city authorities  online and in person

residents, homeseekers, homeowners and city authorities

~100 participants expected

June 2023 - active

Housing shortage is one of the most pressing political crises in the Netherlands. The country stands on the verge of massive housing construction: 9.000.000 units are planned to be built until 2030.  Kangaroo living, a concept originating from Scandinavia where multiple generations reside together, is currently under exploration in Almere by Kunstlinie and Play the City.

The platform ‘Kangoeroewonen036’ proposes deploying existing housing stock as a potential solution to urgent housing issues.  The new online multiplayer platform, combines data visualization, digital polling, collective mapping and online matchmaking.

‘Kangoeroewonen036’ digital platform enables homeowners in Almere to visualize their potential offers for shared living. A studio on the ground floor, a loft on an upper floor or a tiny house in the garden to share with a student, older adult, single parent, young family, starter and more....

Do you have [Do you know someone who has] a house where you [she/he] would like to continue living, but which you would like to share? Or are you looking for a home and would you like to work with someone on an existing house to transform it into your future kangaroo house?

This digital platform will meet the local community as a physical game to seek a voice in the housing shortage.

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