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Het Havenspel

Gemeente Almere Haven, Kuiper Compagnons, Urban Reality

Supporting the official participation track. Results of the game are used as an input for the Investment Plan for Almere Haven’s renewal process

3 game meetings with 24 civil servants, 24 representatives of various local companies and focus groups, 12 dedicated experts

November, 2023

Almere Haven

Almere Haven is making strategic decisions for its future development, aiming towards 2040. One of the key initiatives involves the addition of approximately 2,500 new and diverse housing units in Haven to accommodate a growing population and enhance amenities. Het Havenspel is a dynamic and engaging tool to facilitate those plans.

This interactive game challenges participants to translate the envisioned ambitions into tangible, physical interventions. Het Havenspel is structured around four core themes identified in the Haven Vision Document, namely housing, public space, mobility, and life in Haven. The game strategically utilizes defined renewal zones as a central mechanism, creating five teams that focus on these areas. These teams are tasked with executing social and spatial activities related to the aforementioned themes.

To ensure the game's tasks align with community preferences, Play the City incorporated insights from 1100 inputs gathered during the previous participation process. These inputs were sourced from diverse conversations with individuals, organized citizen platforms, Het Havenverbond and Havenadviseurs.

Furthermore, players receive real-time feedback during an expert panel session, providing valuable insights into their actions. The game incorporates a digital financial model and integrates nine future choices outlined in the Haven Vision Document.

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