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Circular Amsterdam

City of Amsterdam

Creating access to the local government report -Circular Amsterdam , a highly specialized subject of Circular Economy and its translation for Urban Development, to entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens.


Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Partners: City of Amsterdam, Program Duurzaam020

4 Sessions with 240 Participants

In October 2015, the City of Amsterdam published a policy report defining the vision and action-agenda for bringing Amsterdam’s urban development into a circular organization through flows of building and organic material streams. A report of this kind can come to life by sharing the produced knowledge with the community and by adapting reactions of various members of the community. The community referred to is a large range of actors from the market players, cultural institutions, active citizen groups, small entrepreneurs and more.

In June 2015, Play the City developed the ‘City Innovation Game’ on circular urban development for Buiksloterham. Since then actors from the local community, such as the Waternet seeking to realize a bio-refinery in the area, active collective building groups and individuals, large scale builders such as AMVest, knowledge institutions and more are using this interactive urbanism tool to exchange knowledge and collaborate towards a shared agenda for the local development.

In March 2016, we met the CTO Office of the City Amsterdam to explore the possibility of adapting the existing City Innovation Game to a city- wide scale based on the Quick-Scan report. Both parties believe that using an interactive city development method will open up the Quick-Scan Amsterdam Circular Report to a wider audience smoothly.

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