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Play Shenzhen

Da Lang

Lying adjacent to Hong Kong in the Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen used to be an area filled with small fishing villages.

Shenzhen became a New Town in 1980 when the central Chinese government gave it the status of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and planned a city on the location. Shenzhen soon became a metropolis and a prototype for both economic and urban reform within China; a controlled experiment of capitalism with a socialist character. In only thirty years, the number of inhabitants has grown from about 300,000 to an unofficial count of almost 16 million, of which 82% doesn’t have a local Hukou and belongs to what can be referred to as the ‘floating population’.

INTI, Shenzhen Urbanism and Architecture Biennale and Shenzhen -Da Lang Government invites Play the City to develop a game addressing the integration of the ‘Floating Population’ into the formal planning system of Da Lang, a district where the residents are to a great extend employed in manufacturing the smart phones for the rest of the world.

-Game development process will start in September 2015. If you are interested in joining the development team, please feel free to contact our team at

Dutch Stimulation Fund for Creative Industries granted Play the City for the initial research phase of Play Da Lang.

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